The current owners, Steve O'Connor, Bill Gibson, Mark Wilhite and Morgan Anderson, founded Engineered Soil Repairs, Inc. (ESR) in 1992.  The goal of the company was to provide a design/build approach with engineering services, as well as construction services within the same company.

In the early days, the company was headquartered out of Mr. O'Connor's home with two of the owner's wives acting as office support.  The ESR employee roster consisted of the four owners, two wives and a handful of laborers.  In the early years, ESR relied on the use of rental equipment to complete their projects.

Because the principals were already well established in the field, the workload began to increase at a steady pace.  After one year, the number of employees increased considerably and the headquarters were moved to a small office in Pleasant Hill.  The company had begun to purchase its own large equipment and a modest equipment yard was established across the street from the office.

Through the mid 90's, the demand for services increased dramatically.  As business increased, so did the number of employees and amount of trucks and equipment.  ESR outgrew the office and equipment yard in Pleasant Hill and in 1995 operations were moved to its current location in Walnut Creek, CA.

Since 1992, ESR  has completed over 3000 projects ranging in cost from $1500 to $7 million.  The engineering staff has increased to four full-time licensed engineers and two full time EIT's.  The construction division now numbers more than 60 during the busy spring and summer months.  ESR has a fleet of trucks and large equipment including pick-ups, dump trucks, excavators, loaders, dozers, compactors, as well as many others.

From its modest beginnings, ESR has grown to be a Bay Area leader in the foundation and landslide repair field with average annual gross revenues of around $9 million.  Since its inception, ESR has been a perennial member of the Better Business Bureau honor roll.  ESR has been a Diamond  Certified Company for 17 consecutive years.